How I spent my summer vacation…

About Me

Hello, my name is Andie Himmelrich and this is my Writing 100: Transition to College Writing blog. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I love to dance and play tennis. I love writing papers especially creative papers. Like most people who like writing papers, I hate math. For this blog I organized my work by paper. In each papers menu there are other drafts and postwrites. I chose to put my papers in this order because I feel like you can’t appreciate a final draft of a paper unless you see how far it has come from the first draft. Organizing them in this way lets the reader view the previous drafts, the final draft and the postwrite and compare them all. I hope you enjoy!


What are the most important things I’ve learned about writing this term?

I learned a lot about writing this term. The first and most basic thing I learned that I will always remember is about footnotes and citing quotes. I used to always use footnotes because in my high school that’s what we learned how to do, but during this class I used MLA format never uses footnotes and instead I just need a work-cited page. Also, when I have a big quote that takes up more than three lines I always learned to put it in the middle and single space it. Now, I know that this is not really what you do; I should indent the whole paragraph twice and still keep it single-spaced. I will always remember that about citing. But more importantly, I learned a lot about introductions and conclusions. I used to always think about an introduction as introducing the paper with broad general information. And the conclusion is going back to the introduction and stating it again in a different way. I learned that neither of these is true. The introduction can be very specific and full of detail. I also learned that the conclusion is not and should never be restating the introduction. That is boring and doesn’t help the reader. I was taught, the conclusion is the so what? It should explain why this paper is important to the reader. The reader just read my entire paper and now they need to know why they just read it and what I learned or what they can learn. Now I think of papers completely differently. I think of the introduction as the what statement. The introduction is what I am going to talk about, the body paragraphs and the how/why? and the conclusion as the so what? This has helped me in many ways and really is one of the most important things I have learned this term.

What are my strengths as a writer as of right now?

As a writer I feel one of my biggest strengths is my willingness and capability to revise. I am always open to suggestions and critiques. While I sometimes struggle to figure out how to say something, I can usually tell when it doesn’t sound right and I will try to figure out a way to make it sound better. I am willing to change my sentences based on feedback I am given. If a peer reader found a sentence hard to read or not clear, I am willing to change it even if it makes sense to me, because the reader is the person who the sentence should be clear for. I understand that the first draft of a paper is never perfect and there are always many revisions needed before the final draft.

What do I still need to work on as a writer as of this moment?

In my writing a lot of the time I am very broad. Something I need to work on as a writer is always asking myself why. Why is each sentence important? Why do I need to include that sentence? A lot of the time the why is in my head but I never put it down on the paper. I need to work on including the why into each of my paragraphs. This also includes my conclusions. Now that I understand the conclusion is the so what? I need to work on getting this message across just like the whys in the body paragraphs.

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